Colt Clamp On Line Tensionmeter

As force and tension measurement experts for many years, Dillon/Quality Plus understands the importance of getting the correct data quickly. We are proud to represent The Straightpoint COLT: a Bluetooth enabled tensionmeter that easily and accurately measures wire rope tensions up to 11,000lbf/5000 kgf and up to 1”/25mm diameter. Quick and easy to use, the measurement load data is transmitted wirelessly to any smart device running the COLT Android or iOS app.

Using aerospace grade aluminum makes the COLT digital Tensionmeter lightweight and easy to handle while operating on wires already under tension. The operator simply places it on the line and quickly and accurately measures the tension on cables or wire ropes set at any angle.

Display Options: The COLT has a built in smart device holder allowing use as a traditional tension meter with on board display or the operator can choose to handle or mount the Smartphone elsewhere.

Perfect for on-site cable tension measurement anywhere in the world, the portable Colt operates using standard alkaline batteries and comes with a purpose made carry case.

COLT Tensionmeter Features and Benefits

clamp on tension meter
  • Unlimited wire rope calibration database using COLT app
  • High quality bearings used to fit main swivel joints
  • Effortless and safe clamping on pre-tensioned wires is achieved with a lever ratio of 5.3:1
  • Using wireless Bluetooth allows the operator to move to a safe distance if necessary
  • Changing wire ropes sizes is easy and fast with a quick intuitive adjustable centre sheave
  • Internal (vs. external) antennae prevents breakage
  • All Weather usage with COLT’s waterproof resistant design
  • 2400 hours operational time with the COLT’s massive battery life
  • The app user benefits with updates as the library of wire rope diameters and constructions is increased

The COLT Tensionmeter comes complete with the following:

cable tensnion meter
  • COLT – 11,000 lbs (5Te)
  • Blue Tooth 4.1 smart device communication
  • Wire Rope Range = 3/16” to 1”
  • Wire Rope Calibrations, ranging from 3/16” to 1” in all the popular 1X7 and 1X19
  • EHS.
  • 3 position adjustable center sheave
  • Portable Aluminum Carry Case
  • 2 C size batteries
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Smart device Downloadable Application
  • 2 year warranty (product must be registered)
  • Future APP upgrades
  • Free wire rope calibrations can be downloaded on future cable sizes

Please be sure to watch the video demonstrating the COLT tensionmeter in action. AND to order the lightweight, easy to use Bluetooth enabled COLT Tensionmeter, contact the tension measurement experts at Dillon/Quality Plus today.